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Natural approach to hemorrhoids?

Q: Dear Dr. Mao, I have a terrible hemorrhoid problem. Is there a natural approach to curing hemorrhoids? A: The following natural treatments are widely recommended for hemorrhoids: Collinsonia root (also known as stone root) is a traditional remedy for hemorrhoids. The proper dosage varies according to the preparation and is usually listed on the…

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Causes and treatment of hemorrhoids?

Q: Dear Dr. Mao, What causes hemorrhoids and how can I treat them? A: Hemorrhoids are swollen, inflamed veins in the rectum that can ache and bleed. They are very common and are usually caused by constipation, a low-fiber diet, a sedentary lifestyle, or pregnancy. Adopting a high-fiber diet, sitting down less, getting plenty of…

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Bioflavonoids and hemorrhoids?

Q: Dear Dr. Mao, What are bioflavinoids? I have heard that they can help with hemorrhoids; is this true? A: Bioflavonoids are colorful substances that occur widely in the plant kingdom. A certain category of bioflavonoid, called hydroxyethylrutosides (HERs), is extensively used in Europe to relieve hemorrhoid pain. Studies suggest that these safe substances can…

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