Latin names: Herba epimedii, Epimedium grandiflorum Morr.
Chinese name: yin yang huo
Other name: horny goat weed

What is Epimedium?

Thousands of years ago, Chinese shepherds noticed that goats, after eating a certain weed, would become sexually energized and active. The weed was epimedium, also known as horny goat weed, which is used in traditional Chinese medicine for two main ailments: impotence and arthritis.

What are the health benefits of Epimedium?

Epimedium is a famous herb in the Chinese medical tradition used to increase libido. It is often combined with other herbs and soaked in alcohol to make a medical tincture. Epimedium increases sperm production, stimulates the sensory nerves and increases sexual desire. Epimedium is also used to treat the kind of arthritis that is not accompanied by hot joints. It is for pain and coldness of the limbs with cramps of the tendons and muscles. Epimedium promotes circulation in the limbs and is often used for post-stroke patients who have stiffness, numbness, and paralysis. Epimedium has antibiotic and antihypertensive effects. It has shown to have expectorant and cough-reducing effects and is used to treat bronchitis.

What are the guidelines for taking Epimedium?

The leaves and the root of this plant have the strongest medicinal effect. Epimedium is commonly taken in tinctures, powders or pills. It is generally combined with other herbs.

Where can I find Epimedium?
The herb is available in health food or vitamin stores, online, and from Asian pharmacies and acupuncturists, many times in a formula with other natural libido-boosters.

You can find this herb combined with other herbs in the Traditions of Tao formulas:
Dragon Male, which brings all the components of male sexuality into satisfying natural harmony and encourages natural function.
Feminine Desire, which helps increase a woman’s libido.
Passages Plus, which helps women cope with the hormone swings of PMS and menopause.
Winter Tea, a warming tea that is useful for relieving “chills”, fatigue, soreness or weakness of the lower back, incontinence, weakened sexual and urinary function.

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