Abnormal Blood Pressure

What is Abnormal Blood Pressure?
Most people have had or know someone who’s had issues with their blood pressure. Blood pressure is defined as the force exerted to the walls of blood vessels when blood circulates throughout the body, and it becomes problematic when it is abnormally high (hypertension) or abnormally low (hypotension). Blood pressure is measured by a pair of numbers, the first representing the force exerted during the heart’s contraction, and the second representing the force exerted during its relaxation. It is generally practiced that a person’s blood pressure should be below 120/80; those that have a reading above 140/90 are considered to be suffering from hypertension and are at risk of having a stroke, a heart attack, heart failure, an arterial aneurysm, or chronic kidney failure. Those that suffer from abnormally low blood pressure, which varies based on the person’s natural state, may experience dizziness, blackout, or faint.

How can I treat Abnormal Blood Pressure?
Traditional Chinese medicine believe that diet and emotions are primary factors in inducing abnormal blood pressure; Chinese medical physicians treat the condition through the strengthening of the kidneys and the cooling of the liver. This process may take place with eating wholesome foods such as green leafy vegetables, mushrooms, and mung beans, and drinking six 8-ounce glasses of room temperature water per day. Regular exercise, such as brisk walks and cycling, can help promote circulation and home remedies such as drinking celery juice and eating two fresh cucumbers each day for two weeks will help treat the condition. It is also recommended for the person suffering from abnormal blood pressure to practice stress release meditations. It is important, however, not to alter your blood pressure medication without consultation with your doctor.

What should I avoid in my lifestyle for Abnormal Blood Pressure?
Those that have abnormal blood pressure should avoid alcohol, coffee, smoking, fried and greasy foods, refined sugar and white flour, and excessive intake of sodium and MSG. Avoid a sedentary lifestyle and as many sources of stress as possible. Drugs containing ibuprofen should be avoided as well.

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