Artichoke Leaf Extract

Latin name: Cynara cardunculus

What is Artichoke Leaf Extract?
An artichoke is the bud of a plant that originated in Southern Europe and the Mediterranean region. Artichokes are commonly known to be edible, primarily in the fleshy center known as the “heart,” though they are also made into herbal teas and are featured in the Italian liquor Cynar. The extract of the artichoke’s leaf is used for medicinal purposes, primarily for increasing bile production.

What are the health benefits of Artichoke Leaf Extract?
Because artichoke leaf extract is known to increase the body’s production of bile, it is used as a remedy for a variety of digestive disorders. Artichoke leaf extract is used to settle conditions of irritable bowl syndrome, lower high levels of LDL cholesterol by breaking down the cholesterol into bile salts, and promote the elimination of toxins from the liver, gallbladder, and other parts of the gastrointestinal tract. Given this role, artichoke leaf extract is used to relieve abdominal pain. Artichoke leaf extract is also known to be a source of antioxidants.

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Where can I find Artichoke Leaf Extract?

Artichoke leaf extract can be found in powder, tincture, and capsule form and is available online and at natural health food stores.

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