Latin name: Radix astragali membranaceus
Chinese name: huang oi
Other name: Milk vetch

What is Astragalus?
Astragalus is a well-known tonic herb in Chinese medicine that promotes the health of the immune system and strengthens the body against disease. A perennial plant that can grow to over 30 inches tall, astragalus is native to the northern and eastern areas of China, as well as Mongolia and Korea. The root of the plant is used medicinally, usually harvested from 4-year-old plants.

What are the health benefits of Astragalus?
In addition to its reputation as a whole-body protector, astragalus improves digestion and metabolism. It is used for cases where fatigue, lack of appetite, and diarrhea are present. Also, studies have shown that astragalus stimulates the immune system, and it seems to be particularly useful for those who suffer from frequent colds and flu. Astragalus has been known to help maintain normal functions of the liver, lung, kidney, stomach, and heart, to boost energy, detoxify, improve white blood cell growth, and help reduce side effects of chemotherapy and radiation. Astragalus is used in the recovery from severe blood loss of a traumatic injury or from childbirth. In some cases it is used for diabetic patients and arthritic conditions.

What are the guidelines for taking Astragalus?
Place a piece or two of the dried root of astragalus in a teacup, pour boiling water over it and enjoy it as a tea. You can also combine astragalus with other tea, such as green tea.

Where can I find Astragalus?
Astragalus can be found in Asian specialty stores and at the offices of Chinese herbalists and medical practitioners.

You can find this herb combined with other herbs in the Traditions of Tao formulas:
DuraBone, which helps strengthen bones and tendons.
Fatigue, which is used to for fatigue, digestive problems, irritable bowel.
Immunity, which helps defend against colds, flu, and respiratory tract infections.

You can find this astragalus seed combined with other herbs in the Traditions of Tao formula:
Dragon Male, which brings all the components of male sexuality into satisfying natural harmony and encourages natural function.

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