Calcium Citrate

What is Calcium Citrate?
Calcium citrate is a calcium supplement derived from citric acid—a substance commonly found in citrus fruits and other fruits and vegetables. While calcium citrate is an acidic form of calcium, calcium carbonate, another calcium supplement, is alkaline based. Both supplements can provide calcium for the body’s use, though there are differences. As an acid-based supplement, calcium citrate can be taken at any time of day, whereas calcium carbonate must be taken after a meal or with an acidic beverage like orange juice. However, calcium citrate pills contain less elemental calcium than calcium carbonate pills, and therefore must be taken in greater quantities to receive the same amount of calcium.

What are the health benefits of Calcium Citrate?
Calcium citrate is a calcium supplement, and therefore is used to treat a variety of conditions related to the bones such as osteoporosis. Along with other minerals supplements such as zinc picolinate, magnesium glycinate, and manganese, calcium citrate can support healthy immune function and is used to treat immune-related conditions such as chronic fatigue syndrome.

What are the guidelines for taking Calcium Citrate?
Calcium citrate is available in the form of tablets and other dietary pills, and can be found online, in health food stores, and in the offices of alternative medical practitioners.

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