Caraway Essential Oil

Latin name: Carum carvi

What is Caraway Essential Oil?
Caraway is a member of the Umbelliferae (or Apiaceae) family, which includes carrots and dill. It is believed that caraway seeds have been used in Europe longer than any other spice. Their use was first recorded in Egypt, in the medical papyrus of Thebes in 1552 BC. The caraway fruits—often mistakenly called seeds— are used as a spice in cooking. In addition to the familiar rye bread seasoning, caraway seed and its essential oil are used to flavor cheeses, sausages, and other foods. Caraway oil is made using steam distillation to extract the oil from the leaves and fruits of the caraway plant.

What are the health benefits of Caraway Essential Oil?
Caraway essential oil aids respiratory and digestive ailments and boosts the immune system. It can be used to treat bronchitis, coughs, the common cold, the flu, and laryngitis. It helps digestion, reduces gas and increases appetite. Caraway essential oil has also been used to help with menstrual cramps and a diluted version of the oil spread on gums for defense against gum disease.

What are the guidelines for using Caraway Essential Oil?

Caraway should not be used directly on the skin. The oil should first be mixed with a diluting oil.

Where can I find Caraway Essential Oil?
Caraway essential oil can be found in health food or vitamin stores and online.

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