Chinese Chive Bulbs

Latin name: Bulbus Allii Macrostemi
Chinese name: xie bai
Other names: macrostem onion

What are Chinese Chive Bulbs?
The bulb of the Chinese chive grows throughout China and is commonly used in cooking, as well as for its medicinal properties.

What are the health benefits of Chinese Chive Bulbs?
Chinese chive bulbs are considered bronchodilators, substances that dilate the bronchi, decreasing resistance in the respiratory airway. Chinese chive bulbs are used in Chinese medicine to treat phlegm that has congealed in the lungs. Common symptoms of this disorder include coughing, wheezing, and pain or pressure in the chest, sides, and upper back. This herb also helps relieve sensations of over-fullness, treat diarrhea, and alleviate pain in the stomach and abdomen. Research is being done into the potential of this herb to benefit unstable angina.

Where can I find Chinese Chive Bulbs?

Chinese chive bulbs can be found online through herb suppliers, at some ethnic food stores, or at the offices of Chinese medical practitioners.

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