Chinese Dodder Seed

Latin name: Cuscuta chinensis
Chinese name: tu si zi
Other names: beggarweed, devil’s guts, devil’s hair, hairweed, lesser dodder

What are Chinese Dodder Seeds?

The Chinese dodder, as with all dodder plants, is a parasitic organism. It is a small, very thin vine that attaches itself to other plants. Once it has a firm grip, it taps into the host plant’s vasculature system and draws its nourishment from that plant. The dodder contains very little chlorophyll and its leaves are nothing more than small scales. It therefore relies on other plants to gather energy from the sun. Despite its method of living on other’s work, this plant produces a seed that is very useful in herbal medicine.

What are the health benefits of Chinese Dodder Seeds?
This herb is primarily used as a male sexual tonic. It treats impotence, premature ejaculation, nocturnal emission, and frequent urination. For women, it treats vaginal discharge and can strengthen a woman’s ability to conceive and carry a fetus to term. It is also used to treat back pain, usually when the pain is caused by weakness rather than a traumatic injury. Vision and balance problems are also sometimes treatable with Chinese dodder seed. This includes symptoms such as dizziness, blurred vision, seeing spots, and ringing in the ears.

Where can I find Chinese Dodder Seeds?
Chinese dodder seeds can be found online through herb suppliers, at some health food stores or at the offices of Chinese medical practitioners.

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