Latin names: Herba cistanches deserticolae, Cistanche deserticola Y. C. Ma, Cistanches salsa (C. A. Mey) G. Beck
Chinese name: rou cong rong
Other name: broomrape

What is Cistanches?
Cistanches is an herb taken from the flesh of the cistanches, a parasitic plant growing in the deserts of China. This plant attaches itself to the saxaul, a woody plant, and takes it’s the saxaul’s water and nutrients. It can grow as high as 5 feet tall.

What are the health benefits of Cistanches?

Cistanches is a major herb used in Chinese herbalism. It is most often used to increase fertility and improve memory. A warming herb as well, cistanches can also treat cold hands and feet. Cistanches is also commonly used to treat male impotence, spermatorrhea, urinary incontinence, post-urinary dripping, female infertility, excessive urinary bleeding, and vaginal discharge. When appropriate, this herb can treat “cold” pain in the back and knees. Cistanches is also moistening, and can alleviate constipation with dry stools.

Where can I find Cistanches?

Cistanches can be found online through herb suppliers or at the offices of Chinese medical practitioners.

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