Citrus Peel

Latin names: Pericarpium citri reticulatae, Citrus reticulata blanco (Note: there are numerous varieties of this)
Chinese name: chen pi

What is Citrus Peel?
Citrus peel in herbal medicine usually refers to tangerine or mandarin orange peel. There are numerous varieties, and while their actions may vary slightly, they are likely to all have similar properties.

What are the health benefits of Citrus Peel?
Citrus peel is a major herb in Chinese herbal medicine for regulating the body’s energy. It is especially useful for digestive problems, including feelings of abdominal over-fullness, bloating, loss of appetite, nausea, belching, flatulence, constipation, and vomiting, including nausea and vomiting from morning sickness. Citrus peel is also effective at treating coughs with a lot of phlegm in the chest, and it can lift general fatigue.

Where can I find Citrus Peel?
Citrus peel is available as a powder, in tinctures, as dried peel, or in the produce section—still attached to the orange or tangerine!

Mandarin oranges and tangerines can be found at most any grocery store, ethnic food stores, online through herb suppliers or at the offices of Chinese medical practitioners.

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