What is a Cough?
A cough can be a symptom of many things. Whether it’s in response to a cold, respiratory infection, smoking, or a chronic obstructive disorder, a cough is a natural response to a foreign substance invading the airways or the throat. The body’s natural reaction to these substances is to expel it from the system, and the force of a cough comes from a spasm of muscles in the chest. When a chronic case of coughing is left unchecked, the muscles in the chest can become strained and the rib cage can become injured. Otherwise, when the underlying condition of the cough is treated, the cough itself is resolved.

How can I treat a Cough?
Traditional Chinese medicine considers a cough to be a product of either an aggravated liver, in the case of conditions such as colds or respiratory infections, or a mucous that stems from the spleen. While the most aggressive treatment of a cough in traditional Chinese medicine involves acupuncture, cupping, and herbal therapies, a diet that will benefit the elimination of a cough includes complex carbohydrates, low-fat foods, moderate amounts of protein, and healthy foods such as green vegetables, onions, apples, bananas, figs, almonds, and honey. Another remedy for dry cough is a broth made from boiling four cups of green and red cabbage with an Asian pear in six cups of water that is then consumed three times a day. Coughs with excess mucous can be treated with boiling two oranges with the peels in four cups of water for 30 minutes and then drinking the water and eating the oranges. Calm and restful walks can help to strengthen the body, as can qi gong exercises.

What should I avoid in my lifestyle for a Cough?
During a cough, one should avoid foods that promote mucous, such as dairy products, cold and raw foods, and processed sugar and flour. Excessive exercise should also be avoided to prevent the worsening of the symptoms. Avoid alcohol, smoking, caffeine, stress, and anxiety.

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