Cramp Bark

Latin name: Viburnum opulus
Other names: cranberry tree, dog rowan tree, guelder rose, king’s crown, may elder, may rose, viburnum

What is Cramp Bark?
This herb is the bark from the Viburnum opulus tree. A member of the honeysuckle family, the tree is usually grown as an ornamental due to its plentiful white flowers and red berries. The bark of this tree is very useful in Western herbal medicine. It is native to England and Scotland, and now is also found in North America.

What are the health benefits of Cramp Bark?
As its name would suggest, its primary use is to alleviate cramping pain—especially menstrual cramps, though it can be used for any spasmodic pain. As such, it has been useful in the treatment of carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS) as well.

Where can I find Cramp Bark?
Cramp bark can be found at health food stores, as well as the offices of Western herbalists, homeopathic practitioners, and naturopaths.

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