Latin names: Radix cyathulae officinalis, Cyathula officinalis
Chinese name: chuan niu xi
Other name: cyathule root, Sichuan ox knee

What is Cyathula?
The root of the cyathula plant is useful in Chinese herbal medicine. It is generally combined with other herbs in a formula to treat a wide variety of maladies.

What are the health benefits of Cyathula?
Cyathula is used to treat pain in the lower back, legs and feet, especially the type that becomes worse with cold or damp weather. Cyathula is also useful in the treatment of high blood pressure, migraines, nosebleeds, and varicose or spider veins.

Where can I find Cyathula?

Cyathula root is available dried, chopped, and in powder form. It can be found online through herb suppliers or at the offices of Chinese medical practitioners.

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