Latin name: Sambucus nigra for berries and canadensis for flowers
Other names: American elder, black elder, bour tree, common elder, European black elder

What is Elderberry?
Elderberry has been used as an herbal medicine since ancient times, mainly to treat joint pain. In modern times, its role has shifted.

What are the health benefits of Elderberry?
Several Israeli studies show the efficacy of elderberry extract in treating influenza. It inhibits the production of one kind of white blood cells that cause inflammation, while promoting the production of another kind that does not cause inflammation. Elderberry extract seems to render useless the enzyme that flu viruses use to enter a cell. As this is an attack on the flu’s mechanism of entry, it generally works in multiple strains of the virus.

Where can I find Elderberry?
Elderberry is available in several forms, including syrup, tea, capsules, extract, tinctures—even wine and cordials. It can be found at health food stores, the offices of Western herbalists, homeopathic practitioners, and naturopaths.

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