What is Flatulence?
Much to our embarrassment and discomfort, everyone gets gas—also known as flatulence. Whether the symptoms are bloating, belching, or the release of rectal gas, flatulence is caused by fermentation and breakdown of foods by intestinal bacteria. Flatulence is typically caused by improper diet and digestion-related conditions, and is often instigated by excessive intake of processed foods filled with chemicals. Intake of chemicals and other products of poor nutritional value can diminish the digestive system’s capacity to pass waste through the system, and excessive waste in the system can ferment and produce gas. Flatulence can also be produced by swallowing air.

How can I treat Flatulence?
Traditional Chinese medicine considers flatulence to not only be the result of poor dietary choices, but of emotional significance, as well. Digestive challenges are often accompanied by stagnation in the liver, and the activity of the liver is closely linked to mood and feelings. Along with acupuncture and herbal therapy, ways of supporting healthy intestinal function and liver energy flow are to eat smaller, more frequent meals and to eat food slower for the sake of swallowing less air. Flatulence can often be reduced by eating foods such as split peas, limas, lentils, yogurt, tofu, carrots, papayas, and seaweed, as well as such spices as black pepper, coriander, cumin, and turmeric. Beans will cause less flatulence when soaked overnight, rinsed, and prepared in fresh water. Another remedy is to chew on fresh ginger slices soaked in lime juice after meals. Walking can stimulate energy flow and promote digestion.

What should I avoid in my lifestyle for Flatulence?
Foods that produce gas include most beans (except for split peas, limas, and lentils), sweet potatoes, dairy products, butter, broccoli, carbonated drinks, and the yeast found in most breads. It is also important to avoid overeating, eating too quickly, and eating under stress or emotional distress, as these practices stagnate the liver energy and produces gas through a slower digestion process.

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