Hair Loss

What is Hair Loss?
There are many people who have sighed in resignation as they note the progressive loss of hair on their head. Both men and women’s hair growth is affected by the body’s hormones, and the declining hormonal activity that occurs as a person ages leads to a lack of stimulation to the hair follicles. It is when the hair follicles receive less stimulation that hair loss occurs. Causes other than aging include genetic hair loss and hair loss as a result of drugs, such as chemotherapy. While hair loss affects both men and women, it has a more significant impact on men as a whole.

How can I treat Hair Loss?
Traditional Chinese medicine considers hair loss to be the result of a decline in the vital kidney force from an overindulgent lifestyle of stress, strain, sex, and alcohol in one’s youth. Treatment focuses on replenishing this vital energy, which can be done with a diet of organic vegetables, fruits, grains, and quality proteins like organic lamb and deep-sea fish. Specific foods to eat include beets, blueberries, apples, peaches, black beans, and mung beans. Other remedies include massaging the affected area of the scalp with fresh ginger juice and tapping the area with a stiff toothbrush for 3 minutes, twice a day, for a month. To maintain circulation to the scalp, practice regular physical exercise.

What should I avoid in my lifestyle for Hair Loss?
It is important to avoid processed foods, chemicals and food additives, spicy and deep-fried foods, white flour and sugar, and stress and exhaustion.

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