What are Hives?
Hives are a skin condition that occurs in reaction to a variety of irritants that are either ingested or come into physical contact with the surface of the skin. When a person has a breakout of hives, there is a release of histamine into the skin tissue and sections of their skin erupt into red, itchy goose pimples or welts. This causes redness, severe itching, and swelling, and examples of irritants that may cause this reaction include, but are not limited to, soaps, shampoos, perfumes, insect bites, pet dander, pesticides, and other chemicals. Hives may also be the result of stress, emotional turmoil, and allergic reactions to foods. Hives cause discomfort but no permanent damage, though symptoms may persist for several weeks or months.

How can I treat Hives?
Traditional Chinese medicine considers hives to be the result of wind and sometimes heat and toxins invading the skin and energetic meridian channels. Treatment for this condition focuses on removing the irritants that are causing the reaction, and this includes recording the foods that are eaten and determining which ones are creating the problem. Generally, one must eat wholesome foods such as fresh, thoroughly washed fruits, vegetables, and organic animal products, including apples, papaya, leafy greens, beets, yams, millet, and black beans. Other remedies include taking an oatmeal or bran bath and applying aloe gel directly from the plant to the irritated skin. It is also important to exercise regularly to maintain circulation to the skin.

What should I avoid in my lifestyle for Hives?
Processed foods, additives and preservatives, pesticides and herbicides, dairy products, white flour and sugar, and shellfish are all foods and substances that are known to be irritants. Other things that may induce allergic reactions include tomatoes, eggplants, strawberries, chocolate, alcohol, deep-fried foods, soft drinks, perfumes, makeup, soaps, detergents, stress, and medications such as aspirin and penicillin.

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