What is L-cysteine?
L-cysteine is an amino acid that is produced naturally in the body and can be enhanced with supplementation. A component of the antioxidant glutathione, L-cysteine has significant antioxidative properties. As such, it can help boost the immune system and reduce inflammation. L-cysteine is also thought to assist in the detoxification process, protecting the body from the damaging effects of pollution, chemicals, heavy metals, alcohol, and cigarette smoke. Commercially, L-cysteine functions as an aid in the processing of dough and also as a flavor enhancer in food.

What are the health benefits of L-cysteine?
Other potential benefits of L-cysteine include promotion of good stomach lining health and the repair of hair and nail tissue. L-cysteine has also been found to build muscle, reduce fat, help in healing burns, and contribute to the breakdown of mucus in the respiratory tract.

What foods are good sources of L-cysteine?
L-cysteine is abundant in high-protein foods such as chicken, pork, eggs, fish, milk, cottage cheese, yogurt, nuts, and seeds. It is also present in vegetables such as red peppers, onions, broccoli, and onions; and whole grains such as oatmeal and wheat germ.

Where can I find L-cysteine?
L-cysteine supplements can be found online, in health food stores, and in the offices of alternative medical practitioners.

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