Latin names: Rhizoma et radix ligustici, Ligusticum sinense oliv.
Chinese names: gao ben
Other name: Chinese lovage root

What is Ligusticum?
The root of ligusticum is traditionally used in herbal medicine. Ligusticum comes from a flowering plant common to temperate climates. Ligusticum roots are dug up in the spring. The fibrous roots are removed, and then they are dried in the sun. After soaking in water, the roots are cut into slices.

What are the health benefits of Ligusticum?
Ligusticum is commonly used in Chinese herbalism to reduce pain, especially headaches. Additionally, ligusticum is often used in herbal medicine to treat stomach disorders and feverish attacks. It is nearly always combined with other herbs in a formula.

Where can I find Ligusticum?
Ligusticum can be found online through herb suppliers or at the offices of Chinese medical practitioners.

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