Massa Fermentata

Latin name: Massa fermentata medicalis
Chinese names: shen-chu/shen qu (meaning “divine fermented mass” in English)
Other names: medicated leaven

What is Massa Fermentata?
Massa fermentata is a non-standardized mixture of a fermented preparation of wheat flour, bran, and a handful of medicinal herbs that may include xanthium, apricot kernel, and artemesia, depending on the mixture chosen by the manufacturer.

What are the health benefits of Massa Fermentata?
The purpose of this fermented mass is to aid digestion and move food through the intestines. It is used for abdominal fullness, lack of appetite and diarrhea, and is also taken with some herbal formulas to aid in their digestion and absorption.
Massa fermentata contains yeast and vitamin B.

What are the guidelines for taking Massa Fermentata?

Dosage ranges from 6 to 15 grams, decocted in water, and then it is usually combined with other herbs.

Where can I find Massa Fermentata?
Massa fermentata can be found in Asian markets, online, and at the offices of Chinese medical practitioners.

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