Nucleic Acid

What are nucleic acids?
Nucleic acids are macromolecules that play an essential role in the formation of the body’s cells. Of the many nucleic acids, DNA and RNA are the two most well known. Nucleic acids are also found in viruses. Research on the function of nucleic acids informs the diagnosis and treatment of many medical conditions including cancer and HIV. Many dietary supplements influence the formation and function of nucleic acids and therefore produce health benefits.

How can supplements that affect nucleic acids be used for treating conditions?
Folic acid is one supplement that affects nucleic acid, and in so doing benefits your health. Folic acid contributes to the efficient functioning of DNA and RNA with regard to cell formation. Doctors often recommend consumption of folic acid to support healthy pregnancy and to prevent and treat cancer. Turmeric, research suggests, helps to prevent and repair the kind of DNA damage which leads to cancer and other problems.

What foods and spices are good sources of folic acid, and thereby positively affect nucleic acid?
Folic acid is abundant in many fresh fruits, legumes, leafy vegetables such as spinach, asparagus, and turnip greens, other green vegetables, as well as liver. Turmeric is commonly available on the spice rack in grocery stores or as a supplement in health food stores.

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