Oyster Shell

Latin name: Concha ostrae
Chinese name: mu li
Other names: oyster shell calcium

What is Oyster Shell?
Oyster shell is the shell of a species of mollusks that live in marine habitats. They have traditionally been used in traditional Chinese medicine and are a natural source of calcium carbonate.

What are the health benefits of Oyster Shell?

Because it is a source of calcium, oyster shell is used for a number of treatments related to the bones. Oyster shells are used to treat bone loss, osteoporosis, and other bone-related conditions. They are also used for their sedative properties, and are used to create peaceful sleep and relaxation, calm the spirit, treat insomnia, quell palpitations, soothe anxiety, and relieve restlessness. Oyster shells are also used to support normal heart function, treat stomach pain by absorbing the stomach’s acidity, and are also used to treat PMS, colorectal cancer, and cramps associated with pregnancy.

Where can I find Oyster Shell?
Oyster shell can be found online, in herbal specialty shops, at Asian markets, and in the offices of Chinese medical practitioners.

You can find this herb combined with other herbs in the Traditions of Tao formula:
Spring Tea, which is useful for alleviating fatigue, indigestion, early morning grogginess, and poor concentration.

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