Plantago Seeds

Latin names: Plantaginis asiatica semen, Plantago psyllium
Chinese name: che qian zi

What are Plantago Seeds?
Plantago seeds come from the plantain fruit, which shares a resemblance to the banana. Plantains are in the Plantaginaceae family and can be found all over the world. The plantain fruit is native to Europe and has been used for centuries in both culinary and medicinal practices. The seeds of the fruit are used by both Western and Eastern herbalists for their positive effect on the digestive system.

What are the health benefits of Plantago Seeds?
Plantago seeds are used to help the body expel waste. The seeds contain mucilage, which lubricates the large intestine, relieves dry constipation, and aids the healthy passage of the stool. Plantago seeds can be used to relieve the pain from passing stool with a hemorrhoid. They can also be used to treat dysentery. Recent biological studies show that the linoleic acid content in the seeds helps prevent atherosclerosis and lower cholesterol. Chinese medicine prescribes seeds in formulas to help promote urination in cases of urinary tract infections or painful urination. Plantago seeds can help expel mucus from the lungs in the case of infected cough.

Are there any precautions for taking Plantago Seeds?
Pregnant women should consult their health practitioner before using plantago seeds.

Where can I find Plantago Seeds?
Plantago seeds are sold in seed form, capsule form, and powder form. They can be found at health food stores, online, at Asian markets, and in the offices of Chinese practitioners.

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