Latin name: Siegesbeckia orientalis
Chinese name: xi xian cao

What is Siegesbeckia?

Native to eastern Asia, siegesbeckia is a small shrub with green oval- or triangular-shaped leaves. These leaves secrete a sap that contains a crystalline compound similar to aspirin.  The stems, leaves, and sap are used in Chinese herbal treatments.

What are the health benefits of Siegesbeckia?
Siegesbeckia is used by traditional Chinese medicine to clear heat and release toxins. It is used in the treatment of facial paralysis and hemiplegia. In addition, siegesbeckia calms the spirit and pacifies the liver, which is considered the seat of all emotions; because of these actions, siegesbeckia is used to soothe irritability and insomnia. It is used externally to help heal wounds and burns, and it has also gained a reputation for its minimizing wrinkles and stretch marks. In Chinese medicine it is used internally as a general anti-inflammatory to remedy rheumatic pains and is also thought used to strengthen tendons and bones.

Where can I find Siegesbeckia?
Dried, cut pieces of siegesbeckia stems and leaves can be found at many herbal pharmacies. Siegesbeckia can also be found online, in herbal specialty shops, at Asian markets, and in the offices of Chinese medical practitioners.

You can find this herb combined with other herbs in the Traditions of Tao formula:
DuraBone, which helps strengthen bones and tendons.

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