Siler Root

Latin name: Radix ledebouriella divaricatae, Radix saposhnikoviae
Chinese name: fang feng
Other name: ledebouriella root

What is Siler Root?

The Chinese name for siler, fang feng, translates to “guard against wind.” Siler root is cut into small pieces, dried, and then used in herbal preparations.

What are the health benefits of Siler Root?
Siler root can be used to treat cold-related headaches and body aches, especially pains in the joints, as well as diarrhea, chills, and tremors. It is also a remedy for tetanus, lockjaw, and general convulsions. Siler root has an antimicrobial effect and has been shown to inhibit influenza viruses. It has been used as an effective antidote to arsenic poisoning.

What are the guidelines for taking Siler Root?
Siler root is usually sold as a powder, either alone or in a capsule form. It is usually used as part of a formula in conjunction with other herbs.

Where can I find Siler Root?
Dried pieces of siler root are available at some Asian markets and specialty stores.

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