What is Silica?
Silica is a mineral that is prepared from common rocks such as quartz and sandstone and is often used as a remedy in modalities such as homeopathic medicine. Silica tends to be used for healing parts of the body that benefit from the mineral’s innate hardness—such as bones. It is available as a supplement, and is often used for retaining elasticity of the skin. Silica has many other uses as well, including being a primary ingredient in making glass and concrete. Silica is the most abundant mineral in the earths’ crust.

What are the health benefits of Silica?
Along with treating conditions related to bones such as bone loss, silica is also used for treating a chronically weakened immune system, chronic ear infections, fractures to the bone that are slow to heal, acne, migraines, and hair loss.

Where can I find Silica?

Silica is available online, in health food stores, in pharmacies, and in the offices of alternative medical practitioners.

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