What is Tendonitis?
The bones in one’s body provide structure and stability, and the muscles, specifically, the skeletal muscles, enable the movement of those bones. These muscles, however, attach to the bones with connective tissue known as tendons, and the bones attach to each other with tissue known as ligaments. When tendons or ligaments become overused or subjected to repetitive stress and injury, they become irritated and inflamed. This inflammation, known as tendonitis, occurs most often in the shoulder, elbow, wrist and thumb, knee, and ankles. If an acute condition of tendonitis is left untreated, it can become chronic, and because connective tissue has fewer blood vessels than muscles, it will take much longer to heal. A person suffering from tendonitis may feel joint pain, swelling, warmth, redness, tenderness of the limb, and crackling sounds when the affected joint is moved.

How can I treat Tendonitis?
Traditional Chinese medicine considers tendonitis to be the result of the liver network providing insufficient nourishment to the joints, which then results in dampness and heat. Treatment focuses on unblocking the stagnant energy and strengthening the liver, which along with acupuncture and herbal therapy, can be aided with a well-balanced diet of vegetables, fruits, whole grains, and organic proteins. Recommended foods include dark green vegetables such as broccoli, onions, chestnuts, pineapples, grapes, prunes, black beans, kidney beans, walnuts, almonds, tempeh, flounder, salmon, and shrimp. Other remedies include applying an icepack to acute injury for the first 24 to 48 hours, taking hot Epsom salt baths daily, and applying a poultice of fresh taro root to swollen joints. Regular exercise is recommended for strengthening the joints and should be accompanied by warming up beforehand.

What should I avoid in my lifestyle for Tendonitis?
When addressing tendonitis, it is important to avoid yeast, white flour and white sugar, carbonated soft drinks, excessive amounts of salt, alcohol, smoking, and certain medications used for weight loss, including Orlistat and Xenical.

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