A child who is wetting the bed?

Q: Dear Dr. Mao,
What would you recommend for a young boy of 11 years old who is wetting the bed?

A: Pediatric enuresis has many etiologies. There are specific recommendations that an herbalist or acupuncturist will prescribe that can help, such as Ootheca Mantidis, Rhizoma Dioscoreae, and Fructus Alpinia Oxyphyllae. These herbs can assist in astringing and strengthening the kidney and urinary bladder energies to prevent enuresis.

From a lifestyle standpoint, I suggest a practical approach that includes a bathroom visit before bed, no stress for two hours before bed (such as no television), and a small night-light.

In terms of diet, I advise no raw cold foods and no junk foods, including stimulants, colas, and sugar. Incorporate more lentils, black beans, tofu, and fish in the child’s diet. I suggest you arrange a visit with a local acupuncturist/herbalist, who will be able to provide specific remedies.

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