Affordable natural treatment for spinal subluxation?

Q: Dear Dr. Mao,
I suffer from spinal subluxation, due to a car accident that occurred three years ago. Now the chiropractor wants me to undergo very expensive therapy sessions to fix my spine. Is there an effective natural treatment with traditional Chinese medicine for spinal subluxation that may be more affordable for me?

A: Unfortunately, this is a physical structural problem that does require manipulation to help return the posture. The concern is that time has passed since the accident, which makes things more chronic, therefore requiring longer treatments.

In China, an oriental bodywork technique called Tuina could be used very effectively. Unfortunately, due to regulations, acupuncturists are limited in ways of manipulation. In this case, acupuncture can help with the symptoms, but by itself will not be able to resolve the underlying structural problem. I suggest you find a chiropractic office that also offers acupuncture to combine both modalities for best results.

Also, I suggest you learn and begin practicing tai chi or qigong exercises. These are very effective in correcting posture and as a general wellness routine.

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