Can acupuncture cure multiple sclerosis?

Q: Dear Dr. Mao,
I have multiple sclerosis and my ability to walk is decreasing. Recently, I have started acupuncture for a neck and back injury. The treatments are great, and I am noticing an improvement in my walking ability. Could this be from the treatments? How does acupuncture help MS?

A: Acupuncture can help with the symptoms of MS, although it does not cure the condition. The modality of acupuncture works to balance the body and adjust the various systems including the nervous and endocrine systems. By stimulating the locally treated areas, circulation is improved and nerve conduction is enhanced. So your observation is correct; you are witnessing the results of acupuncture on the symptoms of MS. I suggest you continue the treatments. I also suggest you discuss lifestyle and nutritional changes, as well as herbal formulations with your practitioner.

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