Daily habits to release stress?

Q: What are some habits that will help me release the stress and tension that builds up in my busy day?

A: Here are some healthy habits you can integrate into your daily grind to free yourself from stress forever:

1. Cut out caffeine because it stimulates the adrenaline release. Give up the cup of coffee and opt for the therapeutic benefits of caffeine-free herbal teas.
2. A daily meditation program is your number one method to release tension at the end of a busy day and. Also, yoga, tai chi, or similar activities can help to alleviate stress.
3. Lighten your schedule by cutting back on the commitments in your calendar. Try writing one day in your weekly schedule to spend alone and relax—and stick to it!

Additionally, you may try the Traditions of Tao herbal formulas Anxiety”, Calm-fort/Sleeping”, and the “Five Elements of Health” to herbally supplement your transition to a more stress-free lifestyle. Of course, discuss with your physician before beginning any new health regime.

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