Environment for a longer, healthier life?

Q: Dear Dr. Mao,
How can we make our environment, at home and at work, conducive to a longer, healthier life?

A: Our surroundings have a direct link to our lives. According to the Taoist Principles, we are interconnected to everyone and everything in our surroundings. This has profound meaning when we discuss health and wellness.

Some practical advice to help:

1. Keep clutter to a minimum, less is better.

2. Keep functional areas separate and do not mix them. The bedroom should be for sleeping, the kitchen for cooking, and the dining room for eating. You should not watch television in the dining room or in the bedroom.

3. Maintain good ventilation in your home and office by aerating the environment in the morning and just before bed to cleanse the energies.

4. Do not have mirrors in your bedroom, and do not sit with your back to the door to your home or office for prolonged time.

5. Try to create a well-balanced living space that contains a good mix of all five predominant energies of the universe, water, wood, metal, earth and fire. You may want to contact a certified feng shui analyst to assist you in this.

In general, your surrounding should be peaceful, well-balanced, and harmonious. This will create the environment where your health and energy will flourish.

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