How does the body bypass clogged arteries?

Q: Dear Dr. Mao,
How does the body naturally bypass clogged arteries and use or make new ones?

A: The body is a remarkable machine. It has self-healing and self-correcting properties unlike any science or medicine. Often we interfere with that natural process, and this causes complications. Angiogenesis is when the vessels supplying the heart get clogged, reducing blood supply to the heart; the body reacts naturally by inducing angiogenesis, the process in which new micro-vesicles are formed around the blockage to reroute the blood supply to the heart.

This is commonly seen in young adults who suffer from cerebral strokes. It is also currently used as a treatment protocol for CAD patients in various cardiology centers. A special machine induces rapid pressurization of the lower extremities in between the heartbeats to rush the blood supply from the lower extremities back to the heart. This induces excess stress on the heart, triggering the angiogenesis mechanism. Your cardiologist will be able to explain the process in more detail.

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