How to avoid obesity?

Q: Dear Dr. Mao,
How can I avoid obesity?

A: This is the million-dollar question. In today’s environment, obesity is a direct result of our lifestyle. In every period in history, there have been specific ailments, diseases and conditions that are specific to the period’s lifestyles, eating habits, and stressors. In today’s environment, especially in the heavily industrialized, mechanized, and automated Western cultures, people have become sedentary. Additionally, our consumption of food is two to three times the actual caloric intake requirements. Another contributing factor is the fact that we spend most of our daily life under stress.

These elements create the environment for obesity and many of the more serious related diseases. To avoid becoming obese, analyze your life and eliminate the following: stressors, heavy and rich caloric intake, and the sedentary life. In time, your body will remember the proper metabolic cycles and will return to its lean state.

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