How to help my mother fight cancer?

Q: Dear Dr. Mao,
My mother is in her early fifties and was diagnosed with a brain tumor nine months ago. She is weak and sleepy and her doctors have put her on lots of drugs. Is there a way I can help her fight this?

A: I send my sincere hopes for your mother to get well. Unfortunately, we are prohibited from working with cancer patients. Only licensed oncologists are allowed to treat cancer. Having said that, I suggest you have a discussion with your mother’s oncologist and get approval to use acupuncture, meditation, and herbal remedies. In China, traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is a regularly integrated medical modality in treating cancer.

In the meantime, play her favorite music for her. Decorate her room with lots of colorful flowers and bright memories of her family and loved ones. Keep a positive outlook and pray together.

She may also find the Tao of Wellness herbal formula “Cancer Support” to he helpful; it is designed specifically to reinvigorate the immune system of cancer patients. Of course, discuss with a physician before beginning any new health regime.

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