How to restore balance and heal eczema?

Q: Dear Dr. Mao,
I have eczema over most of my body. I have taken many antibiotics and steroids. How can I restore balance to my body and heal the eczema?

A: Skin conditions are often the result of internal clogging of toxins. Through diet, herbal protocols and lifestyle changes, you will be able to balance your body and improve your skin.

1. You must cleanse internally including the colon. This can be done with herbal protocols or through colon hydrotherapy.

2. A proper nutritional balance must be maintained. Incorporate into your diet more broccoli, potatoes, dandelion, mung beans, seaweed, pearl barley, adzuki beans, corn silk, water chestnuts, and winter melon.

3. Make dandelion and corn silk tea and drink in the mornings on an empty stomach.

4. Make a tea from mung beans and pearl barley.

5. Avoid spicy, stimulating foods, caffeine, sodas, and diet drinks.

6. Make some lifestyle adjustments: avoid stress, get ample sleep, and use hypoallergenic soap and shampoo. Also, avoid excess exposure to environmentally adverse conditions including sunlight, dry weather, windy weather, and toxins.

You may find these specially formulated Traditions of Tao products helpful for eczema: “Exquisite Skin”, “Abundant Energy”, “Regenerating Cream”, “Internal Cleanse”, and “Arthritis/Joint”. Of course, discuss with your physician before beginning any new health regime.

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