How to stop snoring?

Q: Dear Dr. Mao,
I sleep on my side most of the time, but I still snore. How can I stop snoring?

A: Snoring can be associated with several pathologies including physical structural problems of the nasopharynx, obesity, rhinitis, and so on. I suggest you try to determine the true cause of the problem, because it will be easier to treat. If the pathology is physical and structural in nature, there are some simple devices available at the local drug store that can mechanically elevate the septum and allow for easier breathing. Obesity is often a major cause of snoring and can be easily corrected with weight loss. The more drastic approaches, which I do not recommend unless warranted by serious pathologies, are surgical. There may be some acupuncture treatments that can help with sinus congestion and if that is the cause, you should seek advice from a licensed practitioner.

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