Masturbation depletes vital male energy?

Q: Dear Dr. Mao,
I have masturbated a lot. Now I am having problems with premature ejaculation and there is no pressure when I urinate, meaning I have drops of urine after I am finished peeing. I am under thirty. Can you give me advice to correct these problems?

A: Moderate sexual activity with a loving partner is a wonderful and powerful energy building experience, but overindulgence in sexual stimulation is considered a major cause of imbalance in Traditional Chinese Medicine. As a young adult, it is imperative you conserve your essence—also known as vital male energy or your sperm.

Indulgence in masturbation, and especially ejaculation, drains the male of their essence, and will manifest with serious health problems as you get older. In fact, it appears you are already manifesting weakness in the lower energy center as illustrated by dribbling urine and premature ejaculation. I strongly urge you to find and get involved in a sports activity where you can focus your mind. Try tai chi, qigong, or another form of martial arts.

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