Natural cure for toe fungus?

Q: Dear Dr. Mao,
Are there any natural cures for toe fungus?

A: In traditional Chinese medicine, fungal infections are classified as either “damp heat” or parasitic infections. Several herbs have shown effectiveness in treating fungal infections, as topical and as an internal medicinal, including Cortex Dictamni, Folium Isatidis, aloe, and camphora. I recommend you consult a licensed herbalist who can prescribe a specific formulation for your needs.

In the meantime try this:

• Find fresh aloe leaves, and cut the leaves diagonally to stimulate the extract to flow. This extract should be a clear viscous liquid. Wash your feet with cold water and soap, dry thoroughly, and rub the cut stem in the affected area. Repeat the procedure twice daily.

• Also, try to expose your toes to the sun for ten minutes a day.

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