Natural supplements for refreshing stomach lining?

Q: Dear Dr. Mao,
What natural supplements can I take to refresh the lining in my stomach?

A: The lining of the intestines undergoes a complete regeneration almost every day. The best approach to a good intestinal health is a combined dietary and lifestyle program. I will outline the basics here and recommend you consult a licensed nutritionist for a more specific program.

There are four steps to a good intestinal health.

1. Pharmacology: Avoid excessive use of antibiotics and allopathic drugs, including over the counter drugs. These either kill the intestinal flora or irritate the intestinal lining.

2. Dietary: Avoid sulfur-rich foods and preservatives, irritants (such as spicy foods), and stimulants. Dairy should be limited to fermented products only (yogurts, kefir, and buttermilk). Eat a well-balanced diet heavier on the grains and fiber side. Eat fresh greens and vegetables, less meat and chicken, and more fish. Drink more water, at room temperature, and avoid sodas and juices.

3. Lifestyle: Get ample sleep. It is at night that most of the intestinal repair occurs. Eat five smaller meals and do not eat after 7:00 PM. Perform daily abdominal self-massage in circular clockwise movements starting at the lower right abdomen. Walk 10 minutes after lunch and dinner.

4. Supplementation: Consider essential nutritional supplementation including fiber, probiotics, and digestive enzymes (if you suffer from indigestion). A good multivitamin contains B and E. Essential amino acids are also recommended.

You may find these specially formulated Traditions of Tao products helpful for Intestinal Health: “Colon Clear”, “Indigestion”, and “Abundant Energy”. Of course, discuss with your physician before beginning any new health regime.

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