Natural treatment for adenoid problems?

Q: Dear Dr. Mao,
Can you recommend a good natural treatment for adenoid problems in my 3-year-old son?

A: Adenoid and tonsil tissues are lymphatic in nature and are involved with the immune mediation. These tissues often have acute inflammation due to reoccurring ear or sinus infections. I suggest that you first conduct proper tests to ensure that there are no serious problems, including tumors, although these are unlikely. In a three year old, the condition is most likely a complication of chronic ear infections. Therefore, the best thing to do is prevent these infections and to maintain a well-balanced nutritional diet for the child. Do not give your son excessively fatty foods, sugar, or candy. An increase amount of water intake will help—you can provide this in the form of homemade chicken soup and white rice soup.

Also, note that in most children at this young age, the immune system is still immature and will overreact to most conditions as it builds up the “self” versus “other” image required for immune mediation.

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