Recommendation for elevated liver enzymes?

Dear Dr. Mao,
My father’s liver enzymes are elevated. A year ago, he had one third of
his lung removed due to lung cancer. He was treated with chemo and
Gezmar and is now free from cancer. His enzymes have been elevated ever
since his time, and soon he will be having a liver biopsy. Can you
please make some recommendations that would help his liver?

A: Liver enzymes are sensitive indicators of liver damage from
different types of disease.  Higher-than-normal levels of liver
enzymes should not be automatically equated with liver disease. They
may mean liver problems, or they may not. The chemotherapy drugs,
especially Gemzar, may have affected your father’s liver function and
created changes in the way his liver is working. The interpretation of
elevated liver enzyme levels depends upon the whole clinical picture
and is best done by experienced doctors.

Also, it is important for him to avoid hydrogenated and poor quality
fats, such as shortenings, margarine, and refined or rancid oils. 
He should limit his intake of saturated fats, such as lard, animal
meats, cream, and cheese. Also, he should avoid intoxicants and

Continue to have your father monitored by his MD. I also suggest that
you seek out a Licensed Practitioner of traditional Chinese medicine
(L.Ac.) in your area to help balance and support his liver function.

To look for a licensed TCM practitioner in your area go on: to "Find an Acupuncturist"

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