Strengthen body after congestive heart failure?

Q: Dear Dr. Mao,
My brother has just suffered from congestive heart failure and has had two angioplasties. He is still quite weak. What can he take to strengthen his system?

A: For your brother, I suggest the following:

1. Eat a cardio tonic diet rich in brown rice, black fungus, sea cucumber, Chinese black dates, peanuts, vinegar, shitake mushrooms, seaweed, cassia seeds, lotus roots, chrysanthemums, hawthorn berries, water chestnuts, mung beans, and pearl barley.

2. Avoid coffee, smoking, alcohol, sugars, and fatty, fried, spicy foods. Get an adequate amount of sleep and avoid tension.

3. Make a tea from chrysanthemum flowers, hawthorn berries, and cassia seeds. Drink one cup of this tea three times a day for at least 30 days.

4. Cook yellow squash and celery soup and eat once per day.

5. Steam soy and alfalfa sprouts together. Add brown rice to make porridge. Sprinkle with black roasted sesame seeds and eat as meal.

You may also find the following products from the Traditions of Tao web site to be particularly helpful: “Super Clarity”, “Heart”, and “Tonic Oil” (take internally as 1 drop in tea). Of course, discuss with your physician before beginning any new health regime.

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