Ways to manage candida?

Q: Dear Dr. Mao,
I have been having a problem with candida. I take a very potent probiotic and I’m taking Noni and Goji juice. Should I be doing anything else to ensure success?

A: Candida is a difficult pathology to treat. It often affects the whole body and requires long and patient treatment. The probiotic is a good approach, but I think you also need to do some cleansing.

Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) treats candida, considered a “dampness” pathology, with several different treatment approaches that may work. I suggest you contact a licensed practitioner to receive a proper diagnosis.

One thing you should be aware of is constant re-infection by contaminated clothes, especially undergarments. Use bleach or high temperature ironing to disinfect the clothes. Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables; avoid sugars and yeast products. Eliminate dairy products except for natural cultured yogurt. Several Chinese herbs have shown clinical and laboratory effectiveness against candidiasis, including Gentiana, Gardenia, and Scutellariae.

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