What are gallstones?

Q: Dear Dr. Mao,
What are gallstones, and how can I recognize when I have one?

A: The job of the gallbladder is to store the bile produced by the liver and to release it on an as-needed basis for digestive purposes. However, it isn’t easy to keep this complex mixture of chemicals in liquid form. The various elements of bile have a natural tendency to form sludge, lumps, and hard deposits called gallstones. The body uses several biochemical methods to prevent such condensation from occurring, but this natural chemistry does not always succeed. More than 20% of women and 8% of men develop gallstones at some time in their lives.

You could have gallstones in your body for many years without experiencing any problems. According to current medical guidelines, no treatment is necessary unless pain or other problems begin to develop. However, when a gallstone plugs the duct that leads out of the gallbladder, the organ becomes inflamed and often infected, creating a condition known as cholecystitis.

You may find these specially formulated Traditions of Tao herbal supplements helpful in dissolving gallstones: “Colon Clear”, “Abundant Energy”, and “Indigestion”. Of course, discuss with your physician before beginning any new health regime.

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