What to do for peeling hands?

Q: Dear Dr, Mao,
Every spring, my hands peel. What causes this and how can I keep it from happening? Moisturizers have not been working.

A: This may be a fungal condition, which often is exacerbated during the spring season. If peeling is confined to hands only, you may try anti-fungal treatments such as:

1. Find fresh aloe plant, and cut the leaves diagonally to expose the juicy core. Coat the skin with the aloe juice. You can also consume aloe juice internally; put 1 tablespoon in one cup of room temperature water and drink.

2. Boil croton fruit extract (Fructus crotonis) and magenetitum (ci shi) for 60 minutes; then rub the leftover water onto your hands. Do this three times a day for one week. Wash hands with hypoallergenic soap and clean water after each treatment.

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