Featured Question

Featured Question

Dr. Mao
Q: Dear Dr. Mao,  
I am tired most of the time. My work
schedule is 7 AM to 4 PM and after work, I have no energy left. What
can I do to increase my energy level?

A: I would like to suggest some basic tests first to
check for the following, hypothyroid function, chronic fatigue syndrome
or depression. Consult your primary physician to help in this matter.

In the meantime I would recommend the following:

Go to sleep before 9:00 PM. I know this is hard to do, but try this for
a week. You may simply not be getting ample sleep, and this will catch
up with you. Also take a 30-minute walk 1 hour before bed. This is not
an exercise, but it will help you sleep more soundly.
Avoid dairy products, alcohol, coffee, sugars and fatty fried foods.
Stop consuming tomatoes, eggplants, and bell peppers for a week. Eat
smaller meals more frequently, and drink more liquids.
Don’t try to do too much. You may be planning too many things, and this
backfires on you when you can’t do them all. Try making one or two
items a priority. This way you can build on success instead of failure.

4. You may want to have a feng shui specialist
rearrange your home. There are many energetic elements in the home that
can adversely affect your mood, energy, and stamina.
I would also recommend the following products from the Traditions of
Tao web site (www.traditionsoftao.com): “Enduring Youth Elixir” and
“Abundant Energy”.

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